Asset Recovery Firms

Selling Your Unclaimed Property Data

Unclaimed property, upon FOIA request, comes in various formats.  Image-based PDF’s, MS Access db, .CSV, Excel, and more.  Getting this data into a common and usable format can take considerable effort.  


Once you have put forth the effort to standardize the format, you then run a report for your company to find all unclaimed property records for each of the organizations legal entities.  You most likely will then store the data, which costs money, for the possibility of future use in prospecting, new customer, entity addition, etc.  You spent the time and money to get the data into a usable format, and after one use, it’s mostly useless.  That’s where Elura comes in.


You can now post your unclaimed property formatted data files to Elura and sell it to recoup your costs!  Hundreds or thousands of other companies experience the same challenges, and would gladly just pay vs spending the time and money to do it themselves.  

Buying Unclaimed Property Data

There are thousands of state and local government agencies in the US, as well as bankruptcy courts, and various other sources.  It would take an army of people to be able to collect and format the data into a usable format for each one of them.  Well, that’s exactly what Elura is.  Your ARMY!  


As an asset recovery company, the more sources you can search through for your customers means more money you can recovery and claim for them.  Your participation in the Elura network has the potential to save you time, money, and have sources you never would have been able to get before.  

Integrating Elura

Elura is an open source, decentralized, and anonymous data sharing network based on the ELUR token.  We are currently in the pilot phase, working with hand selected participants.  We are running transactions on the Ethereum Rinkeby testnet, testing the functionality, API, privacy and security.  If you contact us and express an interest to participate, we can open up the pilot to include your organization.